San Francisco has become the core of Silicon Valley. In the past years, the most disruptive global companies have emerged right here. Airbnb, Uber, WeWork, Lyft, Dropbox, etc all started in San Francisco. Additionally, many of the flagship Silicon Valley giants like Google, Facebook and LinkedIn have opened offices in San Francisco.

"San Francisco has only one drawback: 'Its hard to leave."
— Rudyard Kipling


World’s Leading Innovation and Technological Ecosystem

San Francisco sits at the cutting edge of the world’s knowledge-based economy. Entrepreneurs, governments and academia convey here in this city to establish the world’s future trends in the technological, economic, environmental and social aspects.

  • San Francisco is widely recognized as one the most innovative cities by several consulting and research firms.
  • Is the largest cluster of inventive activity in the US, with the most patents per capita than any other City.
  • Has become the Headquarters of Disruption. This type of innovation challenges and redefines conventional industries and creates new ways of futuristic economies such as platform-based services.

High Investment

San Francisco and the Bay Area represent the largest concentration of Venture Capital and investment activity throughout the US. In the year 2017 the US generated $73.7 billion in Venture Capital Investment:

  • The San Francisco Area (North Bay) accounted for 23% of total Venture Capital activity, with $17.2 billion in investment.
  • The combined Venture Capital investment between the San Francisco Area and the rest of Silicon Valley (South Bay) reaches 40% of the US total, with $30 billion.
  • The New York Metro area accounted for 16% of total Venture Capital activity, with $11 billion in investment.
  • Up to Q2 2018, San Francisco (North Bay) leads Venture Capital Activity in the US with a total of 500+ Deals and $12 Billion in investment.

Top Talent

With over 8,000 college-degree-holders per square mile, San Francisco has the densest clusters of educated workers in the entire United States. Companies, startups and organization find remarkable professionals in San Francisco and this has become crucial for the city’s continuing success as a center for the new talent-based, innovation economy.


Outstanding Academic Institutions

The Bay Area hosts more than 35 colleges and universities with world distinguished graduate institutions. These university and other institutions have renowned federal and private research centers and drive the cutting-edge development in technology and the life sciences. In fact, the Bay Area is home to 2 universities that are consistently top ranked, both in local and international rankings: Stanford and UC Berkeley.

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