We provide end-to-end advisory services to Latin American startups, corporations and businesses who want to establish a presence in the city of San Francisco. More specifically, we provide:

  • Initial contact between Latin America, San Francisco and the rest of Silicon Valley.
  • Evaluation and assessment of Latin American startups and companies’ business models.
  • Gap analysis for businesses seeking to move and expand to San Francisco.
  • Recommendations and improvement opportunities.
  • Introduction to investors, partners or potential clients.


We assist small and medium enterprises and corporations to place themselves at the forefront of their industries by:

  • Opening Research and Development offices or laboratories for your business
  • Creation of innovation centers
  • Creation of Business Development office


For companies and businesses that want to expand and physically move to San Francisco, we provide the following logistical services:

  • Assistance with identifying office space and real estate opportunities.
  • Referrals to professional service providers (banking, accountants, and law firms).
  • Assistance with relevant city permitting.


We have a global network that creates meaningful relationships by integrating the following areas:

  • Stakeholders from San Francisco’s technology and innovation ecosystem.
  • San Francisco’s City Hall and other Government institutions.
  • Latin American organizations and businesses.
  • Connections in China and the rest of Asia through our GlobalSF network.
  • Advocacy for innovative public policies in the Latam region through our LatinSF Latin American Innovation Coalition


We create visibility, exposure and networking opportunities through events in order to further connect Latin American businesses with San Francisco and the rest of Silicon Valley. We plan our own focused events and we also partner with third-party organizers. Take a look at our events


We provide initial industry and market intelligence related to technology and other sectors within the San Francisco and Silicon Valley area. Through research and industry-based knowledge, we help Latin American businesses further understand the San Francisco Market and the potential opportunities they may have.


Individuals, companies and institutions in Latin America are constantly seeking to connect with San Francisco and Silicon Valley in different ways. If you don’t find what you’re looking for in our services above, please don’t hesitate to contact us so we can help.

Thanks to our Global network, we are able to create meaningful connections for Latin American companies and startups- solidifying their business in San Francisco and beyond. Additionally, we can introduce San Francisco-based companies and other Silicon Valley organizations to our Latin American network in order to foster economic opportunities.