Guadalajara, México

LatinSF is so excited to feature top talent platform Thincrs this month! With their 5x growth in less than a year, and landing clients like IBM, Oracle, and Ooyala, Thincrs is hitting the ground running and quickly changing the talent recruitment scene in Silicon Valley and Mexico.



Finding a talented employee who is able to fulfill the needs of a tech company is a complicated and lengthy process. Aside from interviews, candidates need to complete exercises or conduct in house “exams” to prove their skills–a cumbersome process to make sure the company is hiring competent talent. Thincrs, co-founded by five-time founder Miguel Velarde in 2016, is speeding up this process with its two-sided platform where tech job seekers can land high-end jobs by developing and certifying their skillset. At the same time, companies can find top-notch, skills-verified candidates to fulfill their needs- saving time and money.





Thincrs conducts talent verification by testing the candidates’ skills and capabilities through training sessions in which they face high-level technical challenges, similar to the ones found in a conventional job. The current platform provides candidates with grading and feedback from an expert. The startup additionally offers courses in megatrends such as artificial intelligence, data science, blockchain, and pattern analysis. If a candidate completes a course or the training sessions successfully, Thincrs provides a certification. The verified candidate is then added to the “pre-qualified talent pool”. Job seekers do not only acquire verifications of their competencies but also gain access to a valuable network of job opportunities.



On the other side, companies pay a subscription fee in order to have access to the “pre-qualified talent pool”. Thanks to the certification provided by Thincrs, employers can choose the best candidate to fulfill roles within their organizations. Additionally, Thincrs enables companies to hire the optimal candidate by allowing a specific skill set to be tested via an open-source challenge. If a particular coding language is needed at a company, Thincrs can set up a “challenge” to be completed by job seekers. The hiring company can track and browse how candidates are responding and completing their challenge, and thus engage, interview or make job offers to those they know are capable of succeeding. Thincrs is already partnering with cross-border tech companies, and is expecting to grow its network with Silicon Valley tech giants this year.



Thincrs also provides solutions for the public sector and educational institutions. The startup is creating an initiative through governmental partnerships where individuals can start developing careers specific to a skill set in high demand in their region. Additionally, educational institutions can use the company’s services as educational instruments, a means for professional experience, and networking for their students. Thincrs supports a triple helix approach, where governments, industries, and educational institutions can benefit.


According to CEO Velarde, “Due to the emergence of new technologies, it is forecasted that by 2030, there will be 4.3 million digital job openings”. Thincrs is is leading the future of work revolution through its cutting edge platform that empowers job seekers to improve and verify their skills, employers to find the best talent for their needs, and ultimately, the market to distribute opportunity where everyone has the chance to succeed. Join the Thincrs movement at: