Back in 2005 when the world was in the midst of the Web 2.0, three ambitious entrepreneurs wanted to provide services and experiences focused in quality and foster long term relationships. Together they created Software Quality Driven Management (SQDM), a customer-centric IT company.

The company started as part of the business incubator “Creame” in Medellín, Colombia. Now 14 years after, SQDM has transformed into a multinational, with operations all over Latin America and the United States. SQDM provides services over the latest technologies for enterprises and has positioned itself as experts in Nearshore projects.




With strong experience in business process automation, customer experience management, and complete data integration from the operation at various locations, SQDM has helped clients release new credit products, manage their investment funds, streamline their purchasing process, launch new business lines, etc.


One of the biggest pillars of SQDM’s success has been the promotion and advocacy for women leadership in the company’s higher positions. Part of SQDM’s DNA is fostering equality and respect within the work environment, promoting employees’ strengths and being part of their stories. This has resulted in a greater improvement of its services, with an ecosystem in which behind the newest AI infused technologies, there’s always top-talent committed to provide the best service.





Viewing San Francisco and the Bay Area as the core of the service innovation of the world, SQDM decided to open offices with greater goals in mind. Since October 2018, SQDM has physical presence in San Francisco, becoming a strategic IT transformation ally the transformation of organizations primarily in Financial Services, Higher Education and Technology sectors.




The plan is to continue evolving, partnering with the most advanced technology providers, offering a different point of view on how to engage with technical challenges for the business transformation, forging efficient and multicultural implementation teams, striving to learn and give back to the city that is receiving SQDM as one of their own.


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