It’s no secret that Lima’s traffic is intense. It started to collapse a few years ago and the growing car demand doesn’t help at all. However, one can be surprised by seeing a single vehicle defying all chaos: the motorcycle. This was the main inspiration for Gonzalo Begazo and Luis Miguel Frisancho to create a smarter package delivery service: “Chazki”.



The name comes from the ancient Inca Empire where the “chazkis” were messengers who traveled all over the place using special paths made of stone. Each one could run at full speed one or more path sections, stopping at various geo-strategic places to rest, eat and “pass on the torch” to another chazki. This ancestral system had all characteristics modern systems lack: extra fast, far reach and decentralized!



Gonzalo and Luis Miguel brought this concept to life and boosted it with their proprietary technology and a crowdsourcing system. The result was a delivery service designed and optimized to solve typical Latin American problems: heavy traffic, hard to find locations, limited destination information, anxiety during long waiting times and chaotic public messenger/postal systems.



Since its start, Chazki has reduced average package delivery times from 7 days to 1 day. Soon after, the team created its most ambitious service to date: “Express Service”. It allows faster deliveries (3 hours max) after purchasing online. This feature caught the attention of big ecommerce and retail companies that operate in Latin America such as Amazon, Mercado Libre and DHL.



After 3 years, 150k scheduled routes and 2 million kilometers traveled, Chazki can be seen ruffling traffic in Lima, Buenos Aires and Mexico City. Each one works as a proxy of a much bigger system, equipped with their own mobile phone and connected to Chazki’s headquarters at all times, providing the client with robust real-time information. Chazki’s ambition doesn’t stop, with the Brazilian market as their next objective for expansion. The future is bright for Chazki but it will face big language and own-market-characteristics challenges on the way. The company is present in the US closing a Series A investment.