In conjunction with the opening of the new Consulate of Uruguay in San Francisco, LatinSF is proud to feature Uruguayan Abstracta as our Startup of the Month. Abstracta provides different software-testing solutions for its customers’ necessities, improving the quality of their products in multiple areas of need. The company was founded in 2008 by Federico Toledo, Fabian Baptista, and Matias Reina. It has offices in Uruguay, Chile, England, and the United States.


Abstracta provides Functional, Performance, Mobile, Automation, Usability, and Security testing. Some examples of the solutions’ usages include performance testing in heavy trafficking situations, accessibility compliance, opportunities for efficient automation among others. The appliances of this wide range of services depend on the customer’s needs. The startup additionally prepares personalized tools in the case your product needs it.



The company brings back to the community through multiple initiatives. First of all, it generates and shares content for people in the industry, including Federico’s book in the matter, which is one of the first books about testing written in Spanish. Abstracta additionally supports Nahual, an organization that provides opportunities for individuals on developing both a career and employment opportunity in tech.


The Uruguayan startup supports multiple events. The company organizes Abstracta Tech Talks, which provides meetups, workshops, and webinars on the industry. Abstracta also sponsors the conference that co-founded called TestingUy, the biggest software testing summit in Latin America. Lastly, the company founded ReconverTIte, a non-profit that supports women across rural areas of Uruguay to create a career in tech.


These initiatives are part of Abstracta’s manifesto, which focus in three main goals: improving the quality of life through the quality of software, building opportunities to people in underserved communities and giving them a chance to prove their talent, and creating actions by using thoughts and emotions to effectively put ideas in motion. Bravo.


The company established in the Bay Area 6 years ago, firstly with Sofia Palamarchuk moving to San Francisco (one of the firsts junior testers to join the company that later became a partner) and also last year as the COO Federico Toledo moved to the region as well. The region’s world-class innovative mindset and the interest in leveraging the company in the American market were reasons enough to establish representation here. Additionally, more than half of Abstracta’s revenue stream comes from American clients. Following-up, the US is the biggest consumer of IT services. The opportunities to grow are immense as long as you are able to engage in high-level competition.


According to Federico, “Although Abstracta has maintained stability and already turned 12 years old, we continue to consider ourselves entrepreneurs, as we continue doing research for innovation in order to generate new products, expand to new markets and follow coming ideas… I believe we stand out because of our perseverance to pay constant attention to our team, which we believe is our main asset. We reaffirm this by investing in their training and by offering them clear growth opportunities.”


Abstracta currently has more than 100 employees and is developing as franchise model cross-countries. The company has been nominated as one of the best software testing companies in the market by and TEST Magazine.


You can learn more about their solutions here.