Roberto Guerrero

San Francisco

Roberto Guerrero is the proud owner of Cumaica, a flagship coffee house brand in San Francisco where the Latin warmth is notorious at first sight. Roberto has been able to turn Cumaica into more than a coffee shop by channeling his personality, values and community spirit into his service culture.


For over a decade, Roberto Guerrero has innovated the San Francisco coffee scene through 2 main pillars:


  • Quality commitment: Cumaica’s tagline is “artesanos del café”, which is a claim they live up to. Roberto makes sure that they source the best coffee beans worldwide by traveling to the regions where the beans come from. He then finds sustainable ways to introduce the beans to San Francisco.
  • Superior hospitality: Roberto has ensured that the Latin American cozy and family-style service from his native Nicaragua is represented through Cumaica.


Furthermore, Roberto has found an impactful and heartfelt way of doing business in the tech capital of the world. He’s an advocate for people with Down’s Syndrome and employs them at Cumaica in order to change public perceptions and humanize them. Also, he actively gives back to the greater San Francisco community by supporting various nonprofits and local schools.



If this wasn’t enough, what makes Roberto a unique entrepreneur is his approach to business. Despite being able to grow beyond San Francisco, he makes a conscious decision not to. Cumaica would lose its charm if it were to seek to become the next Starbucks or Peet’s. Rather, Guerrero has deliberately chosen to keep it a family business- because he feels being a small businessman is a lifestyle choice he is comfortable with. Especially because it allows him to spend time with his own family.


Born to humble beginnings in Nicaragua, coffee entered his life through long labor days working in his grandfather’s coffee plantation. This plantation was not only the original “Cumaica” but was also Guerrero’s school for the art of coffee where he learned valuable lessons he would apply decades later here in the city by the bay.

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