José Luis Di Biase


José Luis Di Biase is not your ordinary Latin American tech visionary. While his life-long passion for technology may have begun in a place familiar to software developers and tech aficionados around the world (behind the screen of a Commodore 64 in his childhood), it took him on an unconventional path as an entrepreneur following the dot-com boom of the 1990s.

José Luis spent his formative years captivated by the power and potential of computers and their software, learning various programming languages (starting with basic and COBOL) by the time that the internet revolution came to Argentine shores. By age 16, he was already teaching classes on 3D Design programs and preparing for a career as an IT Engineer after university. As a college student he co-founded his first software development startup, Interorganic, and concurrently served as president of SOLAR (Software Libre Argentina), a nonprofit that educates and advocates for free software in Argentina.
After a decade as a successful entrepreneur, José Luis took a break from tech to pursue personal interests. It was then that he met Neto Licursi, who would later join him as co-founder of his newest venture, Cambá, which is a Tech Lab that develops software, provides educational workshops, and advises on technological and hardware integration matters.
Cambá shines amidst an increasingly crowded sea of startups in Latin America due to its unique structure- which is simultaneously traditional and innovative but greatly inspired by Di Biase’s vision of technology as a source for social good. Unlike the vast majority of tech companies, Cambá is organized as a cooperative- a corporate structure with deep roots in Latin America, particularly in Argentina. As Cambá’s Director of Technology, he has overseen the company more than tripling from eight members (as opposed to employees) to over twenty-five today while preserving his commitment to a worker-owned firm run on the principle of solidarity.
For his commitment to innovation and economic democracy throughout his two decades as a tech entrepreneur, LatinSF is proud to spotlight José Luis Di Biase as its Entrepreneur of the Month for October 2018.