Jorge Díaz


Jorge belongs to the third generation of a family of bankers. He grew up in a very humble environment and was able to study Information Systems Engineering at the Technological Institute of Higher Studies of Monterrey.


Jorge always showed characteristics of a true entrepreneur. In 2004, before turning 21, he undertook various projects such as a digital discount coupons company, a freshly-squeezed orange juice bottling with a home delivery system (which he sold to a bigger soft drinks company later on) and a restaurant serving locally-sourced and healthy food. His last early venture was a technological solutions and support company back in the day where Apple products weren´t compatible with Windows software.


Even though Jorge had successful ventures at an early age, he also experienced failure. He then took his father’s advice to work in BBVA, one of the world’s leading banks, and learn from new experiences, leaders and coworkers (at least until he was 30 years old). During his 10-year tenure in the banking industry, he started as a cashier and quickly climbed to commercial and managerial positions to consolidate himself as a top investment advisor for Private Equity.

After this time, his friend Brayan Andrade, encouraged and convinced him to come back to his entrepreneurial roots and take advantage of his investment and financial experience.

With great vision, Jorge saw that the early Mexican tech ecosystem was lacking more flexible and wide-spread financial instruments to fund and promote innovation projects. Engineering, ideas and talent weren’t a problem, but the way in which entrepreneurs accessed diversified capital.


Observing this, Jorge decided to embark in a breakthrough venture in an unusual way. Instead of jumping straight in to create a new company, he decided to carefully think about the business model even if it takes more time. He surrounded himself with his network´s top legal, accounting and financial advisors to analyze all the implications and viability of a Fintech product that could help businesses establish themselves and grow in minimal time (90 days approximately).



This resulted in the creation of Rocktech, a matchmaking company seeking the empowerment of innovation projects, strengthened by research and development, through Equity Crowdfunding. He established offices in the city of León (México), where a top multidisciplinary team operates an agile platform for collective venture funding.


Jorge is currently the CEO at Rocktech and is committed to invest in innovative projects that will shape Mexico’s economic landscape. If you want to learn more about Jorge and Rocktech, please refer to the following links: