Ariel Camus

Mendoza, Argentina

LatinSF is happy to feature Ariel Camus as our Entrepreneur of the Month. The Argentine-born has founded multiple projects, including the one where is currently CEO: Microverse, a school that enables job-opportunities for talent around the world.


Ariel has always been passionate about the tech ecosystem. He started programming since he was 12 years old. Ariel lived in Argentina until 2001, when the “Corralito” crisis hit the country. His parents suffered a direct impact during this dark episode of Argentine history and decided to emigrate the whole family to Spain. After 4 years in Islas Canarias, he moved to Madrid in order to attain his bachelor’s degree in Telecom engineering. During his last year of career, he started TouristEye. Founded by Ariel in 2010, TouristEye was an online platform that allowed users to rate, review, and plan their destinations and activities for trips and getaways. The organization promptly acquired value. They had more than 1 million downloads and constant customer interaction. Ariel sold the company to travel guide book publisher Lonely Planet. The Australian company has 47 years of history and had sold hundreds of millions of books.



Ariel then decided to teach at a school in Burundi, a country in East Africa. As he kept touch with Lonely Planet as a Senior Product Manager, they felt in need of talent and HR for the company prosperity. Ariel found it ironic since he met really talented people in Burundi. He then realized a transcendental enigma in regard to talent supply and demand: There were millions of people across the world with enough potential to fulfill roles in such companies, but few places that offered these opportunities. As he recalls, “There’s talent abundance in the world. However, job opportunities and roles are concentrated in specific places… New York, London, San Francisco, Berlin… fulfilled with companies of tremendous success.” This statement is true, as the abundance of talent around the world allows millions of people able to fulfill a position through remote work.


The beginning of Microverse came in the form of a project Ariel developed, where the goal was to connect people from across the world and make them practice pair programming remotely during a long time of the day. The results were satisfying, as the capacity and efficiency of the project were kept at a high standard. Additionally, the cultural barriers didn’t affect either. This was a statement fortifying the potential prosperity and effectiveness in the ability of individuals from different backgrounds to work remotely.


Microverse was founded in 2018, as a school that trains people from all around the world to develop their potential and start international careers. Additionally, the platform allows to understand perspectives from people across the world, and prepares them for a globalized community. The startup offers a program for software developers with the biggest potential where users start a 6-8 month course for preparation. Furthermore, it allows individuals to enter this course for free. The user pays back a part of their salary once they attain a high-paying job.



Microverse currently has students from around 80 countries. The platform passed through Y-Combinator last summer.


Apart from San Francisco, Mendoza, Burundi, Islas Canarias, and Madrid, Ariel has lived in Vietnam, Indonesia and El Salvador.


Visit Microverse’s webpage here: https://www.microverse.org/


Twitter: arielcamus