Silvio Caiozzi


For being one of the most awarded directors of Latin America- having received almost 100 awards from film festivals around the world- Silvio Caiozzi is LatinSF’s artist of the month.


Director, script writer and film/television producer Silvio Caiozzi was born in Santiago de Chile on July 3, 1944. He graduated as a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications at Columbia College in Chicago in 1967.

“Julio Comienza en Julio” (“Jules Begins in July” 1979) was Caiozzi’s first work, a film that was critically acclaimed and was eventually chosen by popular vote as the “Best Chilean Film of the 20th Century”.

In 1979 he founded Andrea Films S.A., through which he produced hundreds of commercials.

In 1990, his film “La Luna en el Espejo” (“The Moon in the Mirror”) became the first Chilean film chosen and awarded in an Official Competition in a category “A” Festival (Venice). Caiozzi developed the script for this film together with Chilean writer José Donoso. Later, he directed the films “Coronación” (“Coronation”) and “Cachimba”, both based on literary works of the same author.

His documentary film “Fernando ha Vuelto” (Fernando is Back, 1998) shocked national and international audiences showing a family receiving the corpse of a missing loved one tortured under state custody during the Chilean military dictatorship.

As a TV producer, he produced and directed in 2010 the 12 chapter documentary series “Descorchando Chile” (“Cheers from Chile”), a program aimed at highlighting the beauty of the country and its wines.

In 2017, Caiozzi received the Best Film Award for “…Y de Pronto el Amanecer” (“…And Suddenly the Dawn”) at the World Film Festival of Montreal, Canada.

In 2004, Silvio Caiozzi became the first national filmmaker to be incorporated into the Chilean Academy of Fine Arts and three years later was honored by the Chilean Congress in “Recognition of the creation and development of the national cinematographic industry” at an event coinciding with the 19th International Film Festival of Viña del Mar.

He has also participated as a jury member in film festivals around the world and has held important trade union positions in Chile as president of the Association of Film Producers (APCT) on several occasions. Since 2014 he has served as Vice President of the National Union of Artists (UNA).


You can meet Silvio Caiozzi on Sunday, November 11th at Cine Chileno in San Francisco, in the Castro Theatre.



“A la Sombra del Sol” (“Under the Shadow of the Sun”) feature film,1974. Co-director and cinematographer.

“Julio comienza en Julio” (“Julio Begins in July”) feature film, 1979. Co-writer and director.

“Historia de un Roble Solo” (“Story of a lonely Oak”) telefilm, 1982. Co-writer and director.

“La Luna en El Espejo” (“The Moon in the Mirror”) feature film, 1990. Co-writer and director.

“¿Y… Si fuera cierto?” (“And… if it were True?”) TV series, 1996. Producer and managing director.

“Fernando ha Vuelto” (“Fernando is Back”) documentary film, 1998. Director.

“Coronación” (“Coronation”) feature film, 2000. Scriptwriter and director.

“Cachimba” feature film, 2004. Co-writer and director.

“Descorchando Chile” (“Cheers from Chile”) documentary series, 2010. Co-writer and director.

“…Y de Pronto el Amanecer” (“…And Suddenly the Dawn”) feature film, 2017. Co-writer and director.