Sarah Ardila Czerny

Medellín, Colombia

LatinSF is glad to present Sarah Ardila Czerny as our Artist of the Month. The Colombian-born and raised, linseed oiled artist, grew up with her family in Medellin.


Sarah’s inspiration for art had its beginnings since her childhood. She grew up going to a country house for summer vacations. Her first approach to art came inside her family. During one of her summer vacations, she was introduced to art by her aunt Sylvia, a role model for her. Sylvia had a passion for linseed oil, which would later draw Sarah’s attention to this style.



At the age of 21, Sarah moved to Florida, where she finished her studies in business administration. During that time, Sarah began to be interested in learning more about art. She was always inspired by the beauty of nature. As time passed, Sarah started developing her own techniques using heavy strokes and vibrant colors.


Sarah is especially fascinated by the unique character and stillness of the Aspen trees. Her oiled paintings combine vibrant colors and knife techniques with heavy strokes. She uses elements from impressionism and expressionism. “I paint with my soul to transmit the grandeur I see in nature onto the canvas”. Sarah recalls. Art has taught her the importance to learn how to live with the flow, as she constantly mimics with her brushes and strokes on her canvas. Sarah is very proud of her heritage. This Colombian has adapted to the American culture while maintaining her roots in her heart. “It is essential to teach our kids where are we coming from, our language, upbringing, childhood, food, music and so on. Then, they can pass it to generation to generation and never will get lost.”


Sarah is currently living in the Bay Area with her husband and kids.



Check out her designs on her webpage. Sarah will work with you to create the best design that suits the needs of your clients for their home and office interiors.