Paulo Govêa


Paulo Govêa’s desire to experience and be inspired by the world’s top art and cultural scenes brought him to San Francisco. A native of Brazil, the initial spark that led to Govêa’s lifelong passion for art came from his mother, who herself was a painter and sold her work in Republic Square in the heart of Sao Paolo’s art district.

Spending his childhood weekends with her, Govêa was exposed to other local artists from whom he learned about various techniques and came to be drawn to urban art- including graffiti and pixação (tagging). He found himself particularly attracted to the relation between the art and the life of its creator.

After relocating to an island in southern Brazil, Govêa decided to pursue art professionally and sought to find his own unique voice and style. This quest transformed him into a world traveler and has led to the evolution of his signature artistic style, which has been featured among other places a public campaign for one of Brazil’s major banks.

Govêa’s art is immediately distinguishable by the unique styling of his characters, which harmoniously blends broad subjects of mass culture. Rich in color, detail and creativity, Govêa’s work also reflects surrealistic influences.