Tijuana, México

Louiv is a young DJ and producer whose music has evolved from the House music scene of Tijuana to San Francisco’s underground spectrum. His sets take steps across a unique blend of textures and grooves within a minimalist ambience provoking a myriad of images that makes his sound smooth & emotive. He has experienced different visions of Underground Dance Music, from the Tijuana-San Diego eclectic nightlife to San Francisco’s jazzy-fueled scene, where he is based since 2013 and has earned the opportunity to play in diverse cities like Mexico City, Budapest, Zurich and many others European music hubs.


Luis Delgado aka Louiv, was born in Tepic, Mexico but raised in Tijuana, where the bicultural uniqueness that prevails between a large part of the population paves the way to expand professional or artistic aspirations. LatinSF got to speak with him about his origin, inspirations, his journey throughout the charm of San Francisco and future projects.



After years of a constant border crossing and Tijuana’s art scene fueling his foundations as an artist, Louiv aimed to have closer contact with an art and technology scene. San Francisco’s Melting Pot became a fundamental step up in his career as a DJ and Producer- an environment that consequently pushed him to base all his musical projects in the Bay Area.


The cultural aspects that drove Louiv away from San Diego or Los Angeles as possible destinations after from Tijuana, had to do with San Francisco’s rich rave history back in the 1990’s. The vibrant cultural melange and the enormous technological expansion the Bay Area commands were 2 of the crucial decisive factors to set roots in SF as he also currently pursues a degree in Game Development.


As Louiv expresses, the change San Francisco’s Dance music scene has faced in the last few years has been sometimes described as a downturn for local artists, who inexorably feel the necessity of having multiple jobs in order to survive in one of the top three most expensive cities of America. On the other hand, one of the differences he’s found collaborating with artists here was related to “a more honest and freer environment at the moment of interacting musically, as well as a more direct approach between the city’s scene actors. I feel the obvious barriers for the active and supported art scene San Francisco needs and the incomparable cost of life between most of the cities and here are what fuels this new wave of artists.”



Talking about his musical perspective changes and how those experiences impacted him after touring in Europe and coming back to the Bay Area, Louiv responds:


“Traveling and playing in different places around the globe bring a lot of inspiration and new perspectives on the direction I want to go musically. After you observe the way people feel music in other corners of the world and then compare to what I’m used to experience, that’s when I feel a stronger connection with crowds from cities like London, Paris or Barcelona, a completely different vibe can be perceived and enjoyed. But at the same time, it’s a universal language that people feel and share with each other once they connect on the dancefloor. It brings me a lot of joy and happiness and usually after traveling I feel motivated and excited to share those feelings. It is fascinating to realize how your ideas improve and evolve after being immersed in these diverse environments”.



Regarding Louiv’s future vision of himself as a musician in the next couple years, he explains:


“I see myself continuing doing what I love, which is playing music for people. In terms of musical objectives, I would love to start putting some records I finished out and hopefully to keep travelling and making people dance around the world. Also, with the new project I started called Texture Summit, a musical collective that focuses in curating intimate spaces where people can gather for a musical experience through the stripped back sounds of house and techno, we seek to increase artists exposure from the city since our focus is very niche and we are really not so publicized compared with other music genres. I want to be able to lead something new to the table in the San Francisco community”.



Check one of his latest sets for Fault Radio recorded at Classic Cars West in Oakland