Camilo Villa
24 years
Bogota, Colombia

Camilo Villa is a Colombian artist, writer, performer, and educator based in Oakland, California. He has performed in venues, such as The Queer Open MicDonde esta mí gente, Radar Productions, and LitQuake.  Camilo holds a Fine Arts Degree with a minor in Social Action & Public Forms from the California College of the Arts. Some of his published work can be found in the culture and commentary magazine The Field Between. He was recently selected as a Latinx Teaching-Artist Fellow at Root Division. He currently works as an enrichment specialist for “Love. Learn. Success” and “Viva el Español.”  

He is working on The Baila Conmigo Project, which consists on organizing public dance interventions where LGBTQ+ Latinx people are given the chance to deheteresexualize Latin dance. This project originates from a shared frustration shared amongst the Latinx LGBTQ+ community. We feel that Latin partner dance has always been dominated by heterosexual dance partners and it is rare to see a man dancing with a man or a woman dancing with a woman. Since there is a lack of dance spaces for us, we occupy the streets to celebrate life and to reclaim our dance.

The most important outcomes of the Baila Conmigo Project are the personal and profesional connections that are built amongst the performers and collaborators. In the process of organizing the first performance in San Francisco, Camilo met Diego Martinez, a Venezuelan journalist and media producer who founded NOS, a multimedia platform bridging the digital divide between young LGBTQ+ Hispanics in the United States and their Latin American brothers and sisters with up-to-date coverage of shareable, relevant stories that connect us all. Up to this day, Diego and Camilo continue to work together as collaborators aiming to generate a steady flow of original bilingual multimedia content available through website, APP, and multimedia channels.

If you wish to be part of the Baila Conmigo Project, follow @bailaconmigoproject on Instagram and  send a direct message with your name and the latin dance genre you would like to perform. If you wish to receive a steady flow of Latinx LGBTQ+  bilingual media content, follow @thisisnos on Instagram and Facebook. Finally, follow @camilovillastudio on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with his artistic work.