Antonio Castellanos

Guadalajara, Mexico

Our Artist of the Month is Antonio Castellanos. The Mexican-American co-created Joteria, a board game inspired by the Mexican “Lottery”, but representing the Mexican LGBT community.


Antonio was born in California in 1988. Antonio’s bond with his Mexican heritage would remain strong during the years. During his childhood, he constantly visited Tepatitlan, the town where his parents grew up, in the Mexican state of Jalisco. In fact, he decided to return to his roots when he turned 18 years old. Antonio dropped out of college and moved to Guadalajara. During his 4 years in the capital of Jalisco, he developed a passion for photography, which would be later reflected on his path when he came back to California.



At the age of 22, Antonio moved to Oakland and started a career in visual arts, including Film and Photography, among others. He also started a new life as an openly gay male. “Jotería” is a project that does not only represent an entire community but is part of Antonio’s essence and background.


In resemblance to any Mexican childhood, Antonio played Loteria with his family and friends. The Mexican lottery differs from the others since it uses images of different characters and objects that represent the community, rather than numbers. One image in specific, “El Catrin” (Dandy), called both Antonio’s and his mother’s attention. At that moment, Antonio envisioned Joteria. Joteria has the exact same format as the Mexican lottery but uses different characters and objects that represent the Mexican LGBT community.